Support Rice Design Alliance

The Rice Design Alliance is returning to its roots in public programming and outreach, evolving to play a more accessible role within Rice Architecture’s community engagement efforts. Next year will include our key legacy programs — such as the annual Civic Forum, Houston Design Research Grants, and the Spotlight Award — focusing on RDA’s original mission of design advocacy and the advancement of urban life for all Houstonians.

As we take bold steps forward, we remain committed to community engagement, both in the city and on the Rice University campus, where the new William T. Cannady Hall for Architecture will provide additional public spaces for mission-centric programs aligned with the university’s priorities and values of community and diversity. The membership model will pivot to an open-access format that no longer requires paid dues. Please join us at any of our public programs and events, all of which are now free and open to the public and listed on our shared Rice Architecture / Design Alliance events page. We remain grateful for your many years of support and engagement.