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Jan. 30, 2020

Baker Institute at top of global think tank rankings

Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy has risen to the No. 2 ranking among the best university-affiliated think tanks in the world, up from No. 3 the previous year, and its Center for Energy Studies (CES) maintained its standing as the No. 1 energy and resource policy think tank, according to the 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report published this week.

The Baker Institute is also ranked No. 16 out of 109 of the top think tanks in the U.S. overall and is listed among the best think tanks globally in the category "Best Quality Assurance and Integrity Policies and Procedures.”

“These rankings reflect the Baker Institute’s continuing impact as a top resource for decision-makers in the public and private sectors, providing high-caliber, nonpartisan research and analysis on the most salient domestic and foreign policy issues of our day,” said Baker Institute Director Edward Djerejian. “This success has been made possible by the rigorous work of our fellows, scholars and staff, along with our dedicated board of advisors and loyal supporters.” READ MORE


“In his remarks at the White House on the administration’s Israeli-Palestinian plan, President Trump said, ‘Peace transcends politics.’ In reality,
this is a clear case of politics transcending peace.”

Baker Institute Director Edward Djerejian



China’s plastic ban: Good policy or just good intentions?

To confront its status as the top plastic producer in the world, the Chinese government recently announced plans to phase out single-use plastics by 2025. But will such a plan actually reduce plastic waste? Energy fellow Rachel A. Meidl argues that despite the good intentions behind this policy, a simple ban is not the solution. A well-developed infrastructure to collect and manage the plastics currently on the market is required to solve this problem, or plastics will continue to circulate and pollute the world’s oceans. READ MORE

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Upcoming Events

Roundtable Dialogue — The U.S.-Mexico Relationship in 2020: Deciphering a Complicated Year. Tony Payan, director of the Center for the United States and Mexico, explores the likely trajectory of the U.S.-Mexico relationship in the coming year. Feb. 5 | 9:30 am

The USMCA and the Future of Trade in North America. The Center for the United States and Mexico hosts international trade experts to explain the complexities of the USMCA and forecast its impact on both local and global trade. Feb. 12 | 6:00 pm

Stem Cell Therapies 2020: Are We There Yet? A panel of experts examines the stem cell therapy landscape and highlights the treatments currently available to patients with debilitating illnesses and injuries. March 6 | 7:30 am

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