Use Your Words: Surviving a Toxic Workplace

Scores of business writers and social scientists have documented the prevalence in America of highly stressful, negative workplaces. Their studies document the serious impact of toxic work environments on organizational performance, individual productivity, and employee wellbeing. Recently, other observers have commented on the continuation of these negative practices in the new, online, COVID-19 workplace. Professor Rick Schell will provide an overview of approaches that business leaders can take to deal with these work environments and then propose a framework for how individuals can use language to engage constructively with coworkers, reset relationships, and counter the worst effects of such work place practices. Join us at 11:30 am CT on Wednesday, September 23 for this Roundtable discussion. 

This event is hosted by Rice Business Partners in partnership with Rice Business Alumni Relations and is open to all Jones School students, Jones School alumni, Rice University alumni and Rice Business Partner members. Registrants can submit questions for the panel discussion through this form; question submission will close at 5 pm CT on September 21.

There will not be an in-person option for this event. Once you register, you will receive the call in information for the Zoom call, sent to the email address you used to register.